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We have been offering our professional customers a range of innovative solution for the most varied problems of the past thirty years. Over the course of the years our range had expanded to some 200 products that are used in the automotive, technical maintenance and construction sectors. You will consider that it is no more than normal for us to feel very strongly about quality and service.

However, Novatio does even more! By holding demonstrations for our customers, we prove the effectiveness of each of our product. Moreover, our customers consider us as partner. You tell us about a problem, and we find the most suitable solution for you.

By the way, we go a step even further. Novatio provides your specialists with training courses so that they can use the products in the correct way.

Finally, we work in accordance with strictly defined quality procedures. The proof of this is our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Attention to quality and the environment go hand in hand at Novatio.

We make a Distinction Between Following Product Groups in Our Range:

  1. Cleaners and Degreasers:You can handle both chemical and organic contamination with our cleaners and degreasers. You remove inorganic contamination such as synthetic oils with Safety Clean and you can even with the battle against the most obstinate organic dirt with Novakleen.
  2. Adhesives and sealants: Novatio is the specialist at adhesion. You will always find the most suitable glue and sealant in our range. We have everything in stock, whether you are looking for a thin transparent glue or an elastic glue used as a filer, or one that should harden faster or less quickly. Thanks to Novation you can glue the most difficult materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene without difficulty. Our products are effective at very divergent temperature and humidity levels.
  3. Lubricants:You can find a wide range of fine, thick, dry and wet lubricants for a range of applications at Novatio. To handle items from the simple bicycle to the heaviest tractor chain. From the simple door lock to the finest electronic components. Moreover, our lubricants are water and temperature resistant, which means that they also prove their effectiveness in most difficult circumstance.
  4. Electrical and non-electrical connections: Making connections is child`s play with Novatio products. You can find thermal and mechanical connection systems and combinations of both at Novatio. Moreover, connecting and insulating are handled as one operation. Of course, all our connections are certified.
  5. Surface protection and treatment:Novation productsoffer effective protection against external influences. For example, Novafill Flex replaces traditional primer, filler and undercoat. So, it is there products in once. It is handy and time-saving. And Nani care Building makes your stones and concrete constructions water and dirt repellent.
  6. Additives:Our range of additives is particularly wide. Of course, you can find a full overview in our catalogue. A random three examples: Powerkleen cleans the full fuel system in your car, Novastop Radiator seals the hole in your radiator in a jiffy and Novairco Leak detects leaks in your air conditioning system.
  7. Epoxies and coatings: You can repair obstinate cracks in floors, walls and ceilings with our epoxies among other things. Cracks in concrete, mortar and stone disappear and the unit will be three times stronger than previously. Epoxies and coatings can be obtained as different types, ranging from mortar to liquids. Examples includes Multipox and Coatapox.
  8. Health and safety: Health and safety are a top priority on the shop floor. You can find a whole series of products in this range in our catalogue. For example, Novapatch. This is a blood-staunching bandage that does not stick to the wound. Incorporated detection material even ensures that if Novapatch ends up in your product by chance – it will be detected quickly. Or what do you think of Cleany Pro-Gel, an ‘invisible glove’ that you can apply in advance and which means that dirt can be removed much more quickly after work?
  9. Tapes:Whether a tape has to be as strong as iron, but also wafer thin, UV resistant and simple to remove, or a combination of all of these, you will find it at Novatio. Novatex Taps is the ideal removable solution for temporary joints, while our High Tech is permanently temperature and solvent resistant. The choice is yours.
  10. Tools:Not only are our products effective; Novation tools help you to finish off a chore a jiffy. The choice is very extensive: from glue pistols to tyre repair kits or the Safety Scraper which enables you to remove stubborn glue and other stains from glass.